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NAPFN is a Personal Home Page.  The study of History, Government, and Philosophy 
is a personal hobby, and that is why I edit these pages. "NAPFN" is not a registered 
trade mark, nor a "DBA" (Doing Business As). "NAPFN" is not a Corportation. "NAPFN" 
is not a partnership nor is it any type of business enterprise in any way whatsoever.   
NAPFN offers NOTHING for sale.  NAPFN does not receive any money nor does it spend 
any money. Information collected on these pages is for private study only. It is 
important to every study project to share information, and I therefore put information 
I think is valuable into these web pages which are provided as a Public Service.   

Please feel free to share any information found here with others for any non commercial use.

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