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The Price of Liberty  is Eternal Vigilance


To assist the growing Assembly of Good People in their effort to restore a sense of propriety to the American nation

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowlege among the people, who have a right ... and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, and indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean the character and conduct of their rulers"

-- John Adams
A dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law

If you lose your freedom

You will have to fight to get it back.

Some came to sing
some came to pray
some came to keep the dark away
(Melanie) " Lay Down "

Firearms & Freedom
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Freedom,... is never free.

"Where we stand in times of controversy is a measure of our character."
Dr King

If you seek Peace: Work for Justice
Pope John Paul VI

The lives and safety of those we love the most today, -- as ever -- depends upon the Prayers and Courage of those who have gladly met that cost -- America's Freedom Loving Patriots

A Question of Conscience Update: 2022-04-30

Tyranny, Oppression, and Poverty -- or Freedom and Prosperity
A Critical Difference in Thought defines the Outcome

Benjamin Franklin remarks during the Constitutional Convention on the
  Nature and Character of the men in Government

Where the process becomes the penalty
the law is perverted.


Voter ID is Required
When Secret Ballots are Used. -- 2021-04-06

If you want to Fight for Freedom

You'll be in Good Company

Why should I?

Keep my Personal Communications Private?

"There is no safety in unlimited technological hubris"
(McGeorge Bundy)

Freedom or Oppression
7 JUL 2022

Choose Wisely

"By their fruits ye shall know them"
Tyrants, Totalitarians, and Communists!

27 JUL 2021

1 Nov 2021 -- Communism is a Bad Idea

NBC Weapons
Artificial Intelligence for Collection of Tax on un-reported income

Out of control monsters

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